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Home is Where the Heart is...



     During a lifetime, people will call many places home.  There is your childhood home, your first home as an adult, and the home you will retire in with a possibility of many others in-between.  Your home is anywhere you place your heart. 


     The Sisters of Our Lady of Grace have called Beech Grove home since 1955.  The unique promise of Stability has rooted us in this place and calls us to serve God in this location with this community of women. 


     In his Rule, St. Benedict states, “the workshop where we are to toil faithfully at all these tasks is the enclosure of the monastery and stability in the community” (RB 4:78).  Our presence in Beech Grove, the Southside of Indianapolis, and the Archdiocese of Indianapolis has nourished our monastic community in so many ways. 


     Stability is part of Benedictine monastic life, and it is this life that is supported by people like you.  We know we could not live our lives authentically or be of service to others without your financial and prayerful support. 


     Through our promise of Stability, we make a pledge to you.  Here it is: without fail, each and every day, the sisters gather as a community to pray for you and all the people of God.  That is our primary work, and we are committed to it.  Stability in our home and in our community enables that to happen.   


     Please consider a gift to ensure the continuation of the monastic life lived at Our Lady of Grace Monastery and our commitment to daily prayer.  Your partnership is a gift we treasure.   


     Because of you, our home will continue to be a place of prayer, work, and hospitality and our hearts will swell with gratitude for your friendship and support.  






Sr. Julie Sewell, OSB 


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