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Laudato Si’ Action Plan

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Our Laudato Si’ Action Plan contains behaviors and actions that we hope will move us toward integral ecology in the coming year.

Listen to the Cry of the Earth

  • Create a land management plan for the property in Beech Grove, IN.


Listen to the Cry of the Poor

  • Select and support an existing initiative that alleviates food insecurity in

Beech Grove, IN.


Adoption of Simple Lifestyles

  • Commit to practices that reduce water usage and waste.


Ecological Education

  • Offer resources and opportunities regarding connections to liturgy and creation, the themes of , and ecological conversion.

  • Provide resources and opportunities to educate ourselves on water usage, waste, sustainable land management, and single use plastics.



  • Creation–centered hymns, intercessions and closing prayers will be intentionally included in Liturgy of the Hours during the Season of Creation.

  • Excerpts from the will be read once a week during the Season of Creation.

  • Sisters will receive material for personal reflection related to themes.

  • Two new prayers will be said, one before meals and one after meals, that include creation themes.


Sisters of St. Benedict, Inc.                                                                                         October 2022

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