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Community Retreat:
Benedict’s Journey of Freedom and Love 

Each year, during the last full week of June, our community takes time for our annual retreat. We listen together to conferences given by our chosen retreat director, gather for our daily liturgies, and spend the rest of the time in silence to provide the fertile ground for personal prayerful reflection and holy leisure.  


This year our retreat was from Sunday, June 19 – Saturday, June 24, we were blessed to be guided by our retreat director Fr. Mauritius Wilde, OSB.  


Fr. Mauritius shared insights into St. Benedict’s spiritual journey of freedom and love. Guided by his insightful exposition of stories from the Second Book of the Life and Miracles of St. Benedict written by Pope Gregory the Great at the end of the 6th century, Fr. Mauritius led us to a deeper understanding of St. Benedict’s life. He illustrated St. Benedict’s journey through various layers of detachment, growth in imitation of Christ, and a deeper understanding of the essentials of monastic life that formed him in freedom and love. Fr. Mauritius’ thought-provoking reflection questions encouraged our community members to consider each our own journey on the way to inner freedom and love.  


We closed the retreat with the feast day Mass of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist on Saturday, June 24, followed by a celebratory meal. The effects of this retreat will surely continue to bear fruit in our lives. 


Fr. Mauritius is a Missionary Benedictine of the Congregation of Ottilien in Germany. He is the author of several books and directs retreats regularly. Fr. Mauritius currently serves as Prior at Sant' Anselmo in Rome. 

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