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Monastic Congregation of
St. Gertrude Chapter Meetings 

A monastic congregation is composed of several autonomous monasteries erected by the monastic congregation that share constitutions which guide the living of their monastic life. The monastic congregation is a governing structure with a President, a Council, and a general Chapter, all of whom are sisters of the member monasteries.


The general Chapter is made up of delegates (representatives) from each member monastery that meets every three years. The President and the Council are elected by the general Chapter when it meets. The President is the Major Superior of the monastic congregation and the Council assists the President in overseeing the canonical and varying needs of the member monasteries.   


The women’s Benedictine monasteries in North America are grouped into three different Monastic Congregations. Our community belongs to the Monastic Congregation of St. Gertrude, which has 12 member monasteries and two affiliated ecumenical monasteries. We were privileged to host this year’s Chapter meetings from June 10 – 17, 2023. 

We had engaging and productive meetings, loads of fun and held elections.  Sr. Jeanne Weber was re-elected as the President, and two of our sisters – Sr. Jennifer Mechtild Horner and Sr. Mary Luke Jones were elected to the Council. 

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