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Sr. Susan Marie Lindstrom, OSB


As Benedictines, we take a vow of stability, a vow that binds us to a specific community for life.  It is a commitment to immerse ourselves in the daily encounters with our sisters, as well as in the history and traditions of those on whose shoulders we stand.  It is a promise to “stay at the table,” journeying together through trials, tribulations, joys, and challenges.  In an increasingly transient world, stability grounds us in a sense of permanence that is simultaneously open to change and adaptation. 

Our vow of stability offers hope to a world in constant flux.  People who are familiar with our community are aware that we are in it for the long haul.  Unlike those who by choice or happenstance find themselves frequently changing jobs or residences, we are here for the duration.   

Living stability gives us opportunity to practice empathy, selflessness, reconciliation, and appreciation for the uniqueness of each sister.  It invites us to put our personal preferences aside in favor of the greater good and the good of the community. 

We are in the early stages of building a new monastery.  The first question for many was, “Will the sisters still be here?”  Our promise of stability is a commitment that extends beyond our religious community to our local community.  

Stability is like a sturdy oak tree, deeply and firmly rooted in the earth.  Beneath the surface, it sends forth new shoots which emerge from the soil, heralding new growth, expansion and the promise of continued life.   

Stability moves us forward, carrying with us the lessons and wisdom of the past, as well as the hope and promise of a future guided by an ever-loving God.  We pray that we may live this vow with integrity and good zeal. 


Sr. Susan Marie Lindstrom, is joined by the whole community in praying for you.

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