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February 26th

February 27th

Marie Therese Facebook.jpg

February 28th

Meg Facwebook.jpg

February 29th

Harriet Facebook.jpg

March 1st

Mary Luke.jpg

March 2nd

Sheila MArie 3-2.jpg

March 3rd

Ann Patrice.jpg

March 4th


March 5th


March 6th

Nicolette 3-6 final.jpg

March 7th

Susan MArie 3-7 final.jpg

March 8th

Marie Therese - 3-8.jpg

March 9th

Julie 3-9.jpg

March 10th

Susan Marie 3-10.jpg

March 11th

Carol  3-11.jpg

March 12th

Kathleen 3-12.jpg

March 13th

Sheila 3:13.jpg

March 14th

Susan Marie 3-14.jpg

March 15th

Marie Therese 3-15.jpg

March 16th

Anne Louise.jpg

March 17th

Ann Patrice.jpg

March 18th

Mary Margaret.jpg

March 19th

Mary Luke.jpg

March 20th

Anna MArie.jpg

March 21st

Marie Therese.jpg

March 22nd


March 23rd

Sheila Marie.jpg

March 24th

Julie 3:24.jpg

March 25th


March 26th

Kathleen 3-26.jpg

March 27th

Susan Marie 3-27.jpg

March 28th

Harriet 3-28.jpg

March 29th

Luke 3-39.jpg

March 30th

Susan Nicole 3-30.jpg

March 31st

Mary Margaret 3-31.jpg

April 1st

Mary Margaret 4:1.jpg

April 2nd

Kathleen 4-2.jpg

April 4th

Anne Louise 4-3.jpg

April 5th

Marie Therese 4:5.jpg

April 6th


April 7th

Kathleen 4:7.jpg

April 8th


April 9th

Susan Nicole 4-9.jpg

April 9th

Susan Marie 4:10 copy.jpg
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