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Throughout the Season of Advent, the Church invites us to prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The month of December overflows with preparations: cards, gifts, decorations, plans to meet up with family and friends. It’s very easy and tempting to do all of that while neglecting to prepare our hearts. We are offering you a chance to take a few moments each day to stop, to breathe, to remember, to pray and to thank God for the blessings of the season. The following reflection, based on the Mass readings of the day, comes to you with our prayer that this Advent will be your best one yet!

November 29th

Luke - 11:29.jpg

November 30th

Kathleen 11:30.jpg

December 1st

Sheila. 12:1.jpg

December 2nd

Carol 12:2.jpg

December 3rd

Marie Therese - 12:3.jpg

December 4th

Antoinette - 12:4.jpg

December 5th

Marie Therese 12:5.jpg

December 6th

Bernardine - 12:6.jpg

December 7th

nicolette 12:7.jpg

December 8th

Luke - 12:7.jpg

December 9th

Susan Marie - 12:9.jpg

December 10th

Julie - 12:10.jpg

December 11th

Antoinette - 12:10.jpg

December 12th

Kathleen - 12:12.jpg

December 13th

Sheila Marie - 12:13 copy.jpg

December 14th

Anna MArie - 12:14.jpg

December 15th

Karen B. - 12:15.jpg

December 16th

Carol - 12:16.jpg

December 17th

Mary Luke. 12:17.jpg

December 18th

Meg - 12:18.jpg

December 19th

Susan Nicole - 12:19.jpg

December 20th

Karen - 12:20.jpg

December 21st

Julie - 12:21.jpg
Harriet - 12:22.jpg

December 22nd

Susan Marie - 12:23.jpg

December 23rd

Julie - 12:24.jpg

December 24th

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